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Temperature CAL 2017

All about a Temperature blanket 

I wanted to start a Temperature blanket back at the beginning of 2016, after seeing Olivesandpickles blanket, however, by the time I saw the project, I thought it was too late, because I hadn’t done any preparation and it was too far into the year. I completely forgot about this CAL until the last week of December, so I quickly spent the day planning out my colour scheme. Most of the colours, I was stash busting, however, I didn’t have a green or any ‘bright’ colours for temperatures on hotter days, not that we usually see many hot days in the UK; which I’m quite thankful for, as we get humid weather and that’s just not the climate I like.

If you’re not familiar with this CAL, you have a colour scheme that’s assigned to certain temperatures. Everyday, for a year, you crochet a row in the corresponding colour to the highest temperature of the day. Or, you could even crochet a square, hexie or whatever you wish. For more information, you can look on TheCrochetCrowd’s website.


For my planning, I did some research on Pinterest and Instagram, I took into account that most crocheters/knitters who have done this project, they live in places where their climate is much different, which did throw me off at first, but I managed to assign colours to the temperature I felt appropriate. In my region, we don’t tend to go over 30c or under 0c as the highest temperature of the day, but there are some days that get as hot as 30c, so to be on the safe side, I did add a colour for 27c and above. I chose to go up in 2c increments, with 14 colours, just so that the blanket would have varied colours and not just be one solid block of colour for months.

With my chosen colours, I made a sample piece, using the moss stitch and a 4mm crochet hook. I chained 20 and went up in two rows for each colour, so I could see clearly what the colours would look like together.

Here’s my sample piece:

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

Sample pieces are a good idea to do, especially if you’re doing a year-long project like this. I decided to switch out the lightest blue, as I didn’t have an obvious green, the only green I had, was a light green, which blended into the light blue.

My temperature chart and yarn choice is as followed:

  • 0c and below~Stylecraft special dk in Silver
  • 1-2c ~Stylecraft special dk in Wisteria
  • 3c-4c ~Sirdar Hayfield dk in Sherbert
  • 5c-6c ~ Stylecraft special dk in Pale Rose
  • 7c-8c ~Stylecraft special dk in Magenta
  • 9c-10c ~ Stylecraft special dk in Plum
  • 11c-12c ~Stylecraft special dk in Petrol
  • 13c-14c ~ Stylecraft special dk in Turquoise
  • 15c-16c ~ Cygnet dk in Kiwi
  • 17c-18c ~ Green is The Women’s Institute yarn; similar~ Stylecraft special dk in Spring Green
  • 19c-20c ~ Yellow is The Women’s Institute yarn; similiar~Stylecraft special dk in Lemon
  • 21c-23c ~ Stylecraft special dk in Mustard
  • 24c-26c ~ Stylecraft special dk in Shrimp
  • 27c and above ~Stylecraft special dk in Bright Pink

The majority of the yarn, I purchased from Woolwarehouse

I chose to use dk yarn, mainly because it’s the weight I’m used to, but I also didn’t want a big monster of a blanket which weighs a tonne. I’ll be using a 4mm crochet hook and using the moss stitch.

Keeping track of temperatures screenshot-2017-01-02-at-10-46-43-edited

To keep track of what temperatures and what colour that corresponds to, I’ll be using Google Docs spreadsheet. Essentially it’s Microsoft Excel, but this is just what’s available on my laptop.  You could even draw out the table yourself, if you prefer.

Physical copy of Yarn samples and brands

For future reference, I decided to keep a record of the brands, colours and what temperatures they go next to. Not that I’d forget, but it’s always nice to show other people your colour scheme, as an example if they wanted to make one, or for them to understand why the colour is placed there.


If you’d like to follow my temperature blanket along the year, I’ll be using the #OJ_tempblanket on instagram.

I’ll do an update in a weeks time, and then it’ll most likely be monthly from then on.


Is anyone else making a Temperature blanket in 2017? or another year-long project? I’d love to know 🙂

Thanks for reading this far! I hope this all makes sense.




3 thoughts on “Temperature CAL 2017”

  1. I started one last year about midyear abs got so behind it over the holidays that I think I might start over. I wasn’t really pleased with the temp scale I chose either. Loving your blog so far!


    1. oh no! it sounds such a shame to frog it, after all that hard work! 😦 I suppose if you’re don’t love it, you can’t force yourself. I hope if you do restart it, you’ll love the next one! 🙂 thank you so much x


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