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Temperature Blanket-Week 2 update

I was meant to have an update on my temperature blanket, after week one of January… However, I didn’t feel like I had enough to report back with, and I’m so glad I left it until week 2!

My first ‘problem’

In the first week, I didn’t have any problems, I was happy enough to just crochet along, and record the high of the day. By week 2, I had encountered a problem… It’s not a big problem, but let’s just say it involved not knowing what high temperature to record.

I use the BBC weather app, which I find is the most accurate in the UK. It gives me the high and low temperature overview, but I’m also able to look at every hour in detail, which is why I like using it. However, the only downside, is that it doesn’t let you see previous hours of the day, if you’ve missed it, that’s it, you can’t see it again. Which is what happened on 11th January. During the early hours of the day, it was 10c, however, by the time I was up and about, the high of the day was 6c. Now, I know you’re supposed to do the actual high of the day, but I had the problem where I missed that temperature, and I also had the thought “well, that was during sleeping hours, so does it even count?”

I took to instagram, where I got a lot of lovely feedback from some people; which is why I love the crochet community! I had a comment, which stated that I shouldn’t be too rigid, or it’ll suck all the fun out of it; which made me chuckle, as I’m definitely prone to doing this!  As well as that, I had a lot of people telling me what app they use- which, it’s not the fault of the app in itself, it was more that I wasn’t sure whether I should do the actual high temperature, which was recorded in sleeping hours, or the high temperature of when I’m up and about. I finally decided that I’d set myself a time limit, because my logic is, if you’re not awake in those hours, why record them? so my time limit of when I record the high, is from 7am-11pm. I’m glad I came across this early on, I think it’s definitely something you should consider at the beginning of the project, whether you have a certain time that you record the temperature at, whether you have a time limit, or whether you record the actual high of the day.

Lots of lovely help from the crochet community!

Of course, a high temperature, which drastically drops=snow! which happened the following day, 12th January. I had originally decided I wouldn’t record snow or rain, as if you know the UK, you will know it rains almost every day (which i’m ok with, it actually helps me with my curly hair, lol) and as far as it goes with snow… it’s usually only a bit, which goes all sludgy and disappears. Although I didn’t originally plan to record snow, I kept thinking about it all day; it was visibly snowing, I know it wouldn’t stay, but I’m sure it would be nice to record it? after all, I always say “we never get snow” and by that, I mean we don’t get a big amount of snow, like you see in films, we just get brown sludge, like the snowman Bart makes in the Simpsons. I quickly frogged the row I had done for the day, and found a sparkly white yarn, which would show our ‘snow’ day. I’m glad I did it, even if it wasn’t a spectacular snow storm, the white contrast sure does add a little something extra in my blanket!

Bart Simpson snowman=the snow we get in the UK


As of week 2, my blanket is approx 50inch wide (approx 260 stitches) and 3 inches long, so by the end of the year, I should end up with a blanket that is approx 78 inches long- 6’5″! I’m unsure whether those measurements will balance out, a blanket that is 4’1″ wide and 6’5″ long… let me know what you think?!

FullSizeRender (13).jpg
The blanket measures 3 inches after two weeks. That’s with a 4mm hook and dk yarn.

Appearance and overall thoughts

So far, I’m loving how my blanket looks. I’m kind of wishing I had an extra blue, as that would fit nicely as a contrast, in between the purples and pinks, but, as I was stash busting, I just went with what was there. I’m hoping that soon, we will get a few degrees warmer, just so I can mix things up a little!

I’ve also noticed that my ends, are a little bit bigger than the middle. At the minute, this isn’t bothering me, as it’s to be expected with so many ends sewn in, and i’m sure I’ll be able to block it.

FullSizeRender (15) - Edited.jpg
The ends are slightly wider

I often find myself wishing days away, as I’m enjoying adding a new row each day. I’m glad I have so many different colour changes, as it’s keeping the blanket exciting and different. I’m checking the tags #temperatureblanket #temperatureblanket2017 and #temperatureblanket2016 everyday, as I’m loving seeing everyone else’s colour combo’s and how they’re getting on; it’s lovely to be able to do the same project as everyone else, and yet everyone has so many different outcomes, just because of where they live and what colour’s they’ve picked. It’s definitely a project I’m loving doing, I’m just getting too impatient to wait, but I’m sure I’ll probably get behind at some point and have the joy of trying to catch up!

Here’s a few photos so far:

week one: highest high temperature- 9c lowest high temperature- 2c
week two: highest high- 9c Lowest high- 3c and a row of glittery white, to show snow!
Close up of the stitches: 5th row from top, is glittery white, for the snow day.


My spreadsheet, where I keep track of the temperatures and what colour. Once I have done the row on my blanket, I will mark an ‘X’ in the centre of the column.

If you’d like to keep up with my progress, you can find me on instagram under the tag #oj_tempblanket

Feel free to ask any questions, or let me know if there’s anything I missed, that you’d like to know

Thank you for reading!




7 thoughts on “Temperature Blanket-Week 2 update”

  1. Very good! I love all the detail and your work is immaculate! Don’t stress yourself out too much! That comment was right! Have fun with it! Besides really who is going to know lol! I just record the midday temp it works for me. Can’t wait to see the rest of your progress!

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    1. Thank you! everyday, I’m itching to add the new row, lol. this is definitely a fun project and i’m enjoying seeing it coming along. thank you! i’m looking forward to seeing the contrast of everyone elses 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It definitely is! I was hoping to start mine this week but now I will have to wait until the end of the month! But I have been writing the temperatures down for reference. I decided to change the pattern and do something similar to the blanket with the colour and plain granny squares that I have on my banner up the top in my blog. I really like that blanket but I have made it for a friend! So it’s going to another home!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Your estimated blanket size seems great to me. Pretty colours too. Should be good to snuggle in or use for extra warmth on a single bed. I just finished a temperature scarf 2016 but I was lucky enough to find a website that published graphs of all sorts of weather data, including temperature, for each day as an archive. So I used the temperature at noon each day. Just had to wait till the next day to read it off. It is Southampton specific though.

    Liked by 1 person

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