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Temperature blanket-January summary

January is over, and I thought I’d show you how the month looked, in terms of my blanket! I do one row a day, based on the highest temperature, however, I check the temperatures from 7am-9pm, you can find out why HERE.

My updates on the blog will be monthly from now on, but you can find me posting photos of progress, on instagram, every Sunday. You can find my other blog posts HERE

Here’s my chart, where I track temperatures and mark an ‘X’ if I’ve done the row.

Screenshot 2017-02-01 at 09.12.50 - Edited.png

My blanket now measure’s approx 6 inches tall and 52 inches wide, so I’m definitely on track to have a 72″x 52″ blanket, as predicted.


Overall thoughts and extras

I was undecided for a while, whether I’d add a row of a different colour, to distinguish where a month ends and starts, however, This would mean 14 extra rows (including a before January, and an after December row) which would make my blanket longer than necessary. I’m still unsure whether I’ll add a border to complete the blanket once it’s done, maybe a pom pom stitch border, but only time will tell!

I thought I’d also share how I’m storing my yarns. I received this basket for Christmas, which comes quite in handy to store my temperature blanket yarns! it’s easier to keep the yarn needed, away from my other stash, as it’s quicker to find what colour I need, and it saves me accidentally using it for something else! This may sound a little silly, but I keep an organza bag over the top of it; The bag is from Woolwarehouse, where you receive it with your yarn in. I figured, as some yarns I won’t be using for a while, I don’t want them collecting dust!

All that yarny goodness
I know it looks silly, but it saves it collecting dust!

At the moment, I’m also storing my blanket, the yarn attached and the hook, inside another organza bag. I know lots of people have beautiful project bags, but I figured, I get a lot of these bags, might as well put them to use! As the blanket gets bigger, I obviously won’t be able to keep it inside here.

IMG_4894 - Edited.png
It’s easy to carry around the blanket, hook and yarn around. I also leave the last colour attached, in case it’s needed for the next row, the next day.


My blanket is mainly purples and pinks at the moment, with one row of silver, for 0c and one sparkly white row, for snow! I’m hoping that in February, we’ll have warmer temperatures, just to mix things up a little.

My highest temp for the month was 9c and my highest low was 0c. My most used colour is Pale rose, with 11 rows. My least used colours were silver with one row and sparkly white with one row. I’ve only used 6 out of 14 colours so far! I did a little chart so I could see how many rows of each colour I’ve done:

Screenshot 2017-02-05 at 11.06.33 - Edited.png
Definitely an unnecessary extra, but I thought it’d help to see what the most common temperature is, as well as seeing what colour I used the most!

Here’s some progress photos throughout January!

Week one
IMG_4517 (1).JPG
week two
week three
week four
End of January (photo updates are every Sunday-there were 2 days left of January, after the last weekly update.)


Thank you for reading!




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