Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017-Unboxing

I’m sure most of you by now, will have heard and seen the release of the Scheepjes Hygge CAL! If not, here’s a little bit of information that I can find:

Scheepjes releases a CAL every year, and this year, the designer of the CAL is Kirsten Ballering. The CAL runs a course over 14 weeks, with the last week being optional, but highly recommended. The 14th week, will be to add a lining to the back. The aim of the CAL, being to “create a beautifully intricate shawl, to inspire and aid ‘hygge’- a state of calm, cosiness and contentment. It will commence from 15th February 2017, released on every Wednesday for the following 14 weeks; available in English UK terminology, as well as US terminology, Dutch and Swedish. The main colour packs are: Jewel, Rainbow and Pastel. Mermaid was a limited edition pack, which is now sold out. There will also be another limited edition pack “Girls night in” due MID MARCH.

As soon as I saw this CAL, I fell instantly in love with it! Hygge (pronoucned ‘Hoo-ga” is definitely a term I live by, translating into English as “cosiness.” There are many aspects that drew me in, the aim of the CAL, the beauty of it and the fact that I could learn to embroider on a crochet surface, which is something I’ve been wanting to try! Words can’t do justice to how beautiful the shawl is, which I’m sure you will all agree. Here are some photos of the final piece, just so you can get a look at it.


I first saw some sneak peak photos of the upcoming CAL, and I knew I wanted to try it, but once the packs had been released, well, the price definitely put me off! I delayed buying it, although I absolutely loved it, I wasn’t ready to pay that price, no matter how much it enticed me…. Well, after seeing everyone’s gauge squares and the first week, I caved… I didn’t want to, but I started to get a ‘creative block’ after coming down with the flu, and this is definitely to project to kick me out of that creative block!

I spent Wednesday evening and Thursday morning flicking through tabs of the Jewel kit and the Rainbow kit, I loved both, I wanted both, but I could only have one. I spent ages comparing, contrasting, telling myself it had to be one, only one. Eventually, I decided on the Thursday that I wanted the Jewel kit, I can’t say what the reasoning was, I just felt more drawn to that colour scheme I suppose. I ordered from Woolwarehouse on Thursday, and it came Friday afternoon! So, as you can tell, I’ve been putting off opening the parcel, until had a minute to take photos for a blog post. It was very hard as it was so tempting, but I managed to resist.

Here are some photos of what comes in the kit:

Scheepjes Hygge CAL pack- Jewel

It comes neatly placed in a box with all the supplies, a flyer with the required information and a postcard with what Hygge means


10 x Scheepjes Stone Washed 50g (802 Smokey Quartz)
11 x Scheepjes Catona 25g (128 Tyrian Purple, 130 Old Lace, 2 x 258 Rosewood, 391 Deep Ocean Green, 394 Shadow Purple, 396 Rose Wine, 400 Petrol Blue, 401 Dark Teal, 411 Sweet Orange, 412 Forest Green


1 x Japanese embroidery needle 2 x Wooden ice crystal apliqués 1 x Metal Stag charm 1 x Wooden Scheepjes Hygge button 1 x Heart shaped stitch marker from Addi
I also purchased some new scissors, because having pretty accessories is essential with this CAL!

I now need to get my gauge square done and start week one, so I can catch up!

Are you doing this CAL? I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading




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