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May temperature blanket summary

The months just seem to fly by, we are now half way through the year and half way through my temperature blanket! It's been a fun project to make, seeing the variations of temperatures and how that works up a unique colour scheme. It's also super fun to see other peoples take on the year… Continue reading May temperature blanket summary

Crochet, Temperature blanket

April temperature blanket summary

April has definitely flown by... we're now into May and I can honestly say, I'm not sure where the year is going! In terms of the temperature, it was quite mild, with some highs but other days feeling quite chilly. As you can imagine, now the blanket is getting bigger, it is much more difficult… Continue reading April temperature blanket summary

Crochet, Temperature blanket

Temperature blanket March summary

Hi guys! So I haven't posted on here in quite a while... and I've also not been posting much on Instagram... there isn't a big reason, I've just been quite busy with other stuff, and when I'm not busy, I don't feel like posting photos. I shouldn't have to justify that, but I feel rude… Continue reading Temperature blanket March summary

Crochet, Temperature blanket

February Temperature blanket summary

February was quite mild in temperature! I mostly used Magenta and plum. Just to recap on my method, I crochet one row a day, based on the highest temperature of the day from 7am-9pm. The stitch I crochet is called the 'moss' or 'linen' stitch. You can find my other temperature blanket posts HERE. Here's… Continue reading February Temperature blanket summary

Crochet, Temperature blanket

Temperature blanket-January summary

January is over, and I thought I'd show you how the month looked, in terms of my blanket! I do one row a day, based on the highest temperature, however, I check the temperatures from 7am-9pm, you can find out why HERE. My updates on the blog will be monthly from now on, but you… Continue reading Temperature blanket-January summary

Crochet, Temperature blanket

How I sew in ends-Temperature blanket

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, I spend most of my time, on instagram, searching through the #temperatureblanket tag, where, I'm in absolute awe at the colour palettes and how the temperatures are looking so far! One thing I noticed, is that a lot of people, are annoyed with their ends when they've changed… Continue reading How I sew in ends-Temperature blanket

Crochet, January recap

January recap

Hello everyone, I hope you've had a lovely month. January flew by, and it's now already February?! I thought it'd be a nice, to recap on things I did in January. On instagram, photos tend to get lost, especially if you have a lot of photos; it's no fun to go all the way back… Continue reading January recap